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OneWord- Piano

The keys of the piano were old. As her fingers brushed them it felts like they were cracking beneath her touch. Then again, it felt like the whole universe had cracked. Ever since it had started, ever since they came, everything had been turned to ash. It had been so long since she had even seen a piano, and so long since she had been able to stop running long enough to admire it.

OneWord- Study

"She's a quick study" there was a stifling atmosphere as he spoke. It didn't matter that she was a quick study, who could ever be ready for what she had to do next.

Mar. 24th, 2012

Hi internet, gonna be off social media for maybe a week or two. I have to be ready for exams and stuff. If you need me e-mail/text/call me!
Dear who ever is reading this( and those who are not),

I realize how selfish I have been, and how selfish I still am. I'm always caught up in my own life. The ideal life. What career will I have? Where will I live? Will I be married? Do I want to be? Do I want kids? What will I name my pets, and what types of animals will I keep? Where will I have traveled to? Well, this list goes on and regrettably still strikes a chord. 

My worst fear is being alone, so in these scenarios I always make myself some-what of a Mary Sue so everyone will love me. I'm also always the hero. It's the only way I feel good sometimes. I get so caught up in these deranged "stories" that I forget the rest of the world. I'm not a huge people person, but recently I've noticed I don't pay attention to most. Or not as much as I should. I noticed this while looking at some pictures of someone I spent my whole life with, someone I'm related to and thought "I wonder what she's like?"

I'm so sorry. To everyone. I'd really like to get to know you. I know this isn't a cure all for of all my selfish, self-indulgent tendencies but I can try, right? (I'm sorry to admit it but I'm still thinking about myself and how I would answer the following questions....It's going to be a hard transition, but let's try!)

What career have you always wanted? Do you still want that? Where is your dream home? Do you want to get married? What about kids? Do you like animals? What kind? Are you a pet person or a keep-the-house-clean person? Where do you want to travel? What's your favourite colour? What's your favourite thing to do on a warm, sunny day? What about a rainy night? What do you believe in?

How are you today? What has happened in your day? Let me be your (silent) therapist for a while. Go ahead, talk. I'll sit quiet and listen. I bet my life you're pretty damn awesome.

Who ever is reading this, I Love You.

All I want for Christmas is Us...

I have this warm fuzzy feeling. Probably because Jason Mraz tweeted earlier: "SHE SAID YES!" And then Tristan Prettyman tweeted: "For Once. I Am Speechless....." and "i did good! holy crap! man of my dreams!!! for the rest of my life!!! RT @theRKOP: <3 @jason_mraz + @tprettyman ... ahhhhh!!!"! Which leads me to believe that they are now ENGAGED! I am sooooo incredibly happy for them. They are amazing and amazingly adorable. They deserve every happiness. Gosh, I wish I could hug them in congratulations. <3



Recently the idea of giving thanks everyday was proposed to me. And just now I've read that keeping a journal of things you are grateful for, and adding to it every day can help you think more positive, feel better. Something that has been consuming my thoughts a lot as of late. So, I'll start it here (I'm sure I can find a journal that is not in use, I mean I collect journals).
  • I'm grateful for growing up in Canada. While we may have never been able to afford luxuries like vacations, or even things like camp, bikes, and so on I grew up better off than many people around the world.
  • I'm grateful for the 4 pets I currently have (and those I used to have). They always make me smile. They love me no matter what (well Maggie and Prince do at least!), and never judge. So a quick shout out to: Maggie, Magic, Precious and Prince. And special mentions to: Kiya, Buzz and Buddy(RIP). 
  • I'm grateful that while I've been fatherless for years now I have a wonderful mother and sister.
  • I'm grateful for all the wonderful people in my life, those who choose to still be there, even when I barely am. You all know who you are (I mean you're the only ones who read this blog anyway), and I love you guys!
  • I'm grateful for my education. Girls in other parts of the world were never given the privileges of education that I have had.
  • I'm grateful for the amazing environment around us here in BC. I get to see trees, and wildlife, and mountains! It's great!
  • I'm grateful for our clean air and water
  • I'm grateful for you, and your health

Practise Love.

Stand up. Walk into the bathroom and look yourself in the eye. Now tell yourself "I Love You". Tell yourself that as many times as you need to until you know it's true. Saying it to another person is hard, saying it to yourself is even harder. You deserve that love. Every little piece of it.
I want to--need to do something crazy, and exhilarating,and exciting. I wanna sneak out and dance in the rain with someone, steal a sign, dance like an idiot singing musical songs, try on fancy or vintage clothes for the hell of it, drink wine, get a tatoo, peirce my lip, get on a bus and see where it takes me...
Hope you don't mind if I run away from time to time....

Writer's Block: Robotic

MO from Wall-E!! =D