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Recently the idea of giving thanks everyday was proposed to me. And just now I've read that keeping a journal of things you are grateful for, and adding to it every day can help you think more positive, feel better. Something that has been consuming my thoughts a lot as of late. So, I'll start it here (I'm sure I can find a journal that is not in use, I mean I collect journals).
  • I'm grateful for growing up in Canada. While we may have never been able to afford luxuries like vacations, or even things like camp, bikes, and so on I grew up better off than many people around the world.
  • I'm grateful for the 4 pets I currently have (and those I used to have). They always make me smile. They love me no matter what (well Maggie and Prince do at least!), and never judge. So a quick shout out to: Maggie, Magic, Precious and Prince. And special mentions to: Kiya, Buzz and Buddy(RIP). 
  • I'm grateful that while I've been fatherless for years now I have a wonderful mother and sister.
  • I'm grateful for all the wonderful people in my life, those who choose to still be there, even when I barely am. You all know who you are (I mean you're the only ones who read this blog anyway), and I love you guys!
  • I'm grateful for my education. Girls in other parts of the world were never given the privileges of education that I have had.
  • I'm grateful for the amazing environment around us here in BC. I get to see trees, and wildlife, and mountains! It's great!
  • I'm grateful for our clean air and water
  • I'm grateful for you, and your health



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